In the north kivu Province in general and particularly in Goma town where HOLD DRC is located, there are manifold of universities and colleges with diversities of faculties. Among these colleges, publics and privates ones.  And every single year these colleges release finalists of either undergraduate or license degree. But there still an interesting question:

  • Where do all these students do their training before completing their studies?

There are some public enterprises in the town and its surrounding but still, finalists miss places to do their trainings. Many public enterprises and even international NGOs reject their applications for training. Though HOLD DRC has limited space, it always welcomes some of them for each promotion; offering them opportunities to develop both their skills and perform their knowledge.

The major motivation that attracts our attention is that these students are Congolese and HOLD DRC its self is a Congolese organization struggling over the brighter future of Congolese Youth. Thence, it warmly receives every promotion more than twelve applicants for training. With limited capacity of reception, only few are admitted and the others are given an appointment to comeback after one or two months when the others will have finished.

As we have partnership with some universities, their finalists are referred to us for internship. Let’s note that HOLD DRC volunteers interchange experiences with these trainees. The latter are dispatched in different services and department of HOLD DRC and they are administratively assisted and supervised by each Service representative, they are given instructions and guidelines to accomplish a given required task. They help in here in doing many things such baseline inquiry of beneficiaries’ life conditions, draft routine report, recycling, reporting from seminars and workshops, taking care of infants while their mothers are studying etc;.

HOLD DRC always receives two categories of trainees, students who are still studying and other people who have already completed their studies and come for work experience. Its  doors are widely opened for both categories of trainees and for this promotion, it has received eight dispatched in its their services and among which one from Computer science, one from nutrition, one from pedagogy specialized in English , one from public health and four others from Management and development.

With regard to the rate of joblessness which is very high in the DR Congo, at least 98 percent of the Youths holding university degrees have no places to work; HOLD DRC thought it would be better to train some of the trainees who are found competitive in reinforcing capacity workshops so as to become volunteers at HOLD DRC, a way to create occupation for them.

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