The kidnaping, a source of money for both young guys and even elder people in Goma town

This phenomenon has become an everyday generative Income activity in Goma town, an activity whereby money is collected via a cell phone number. This practice has been being observed in every quarter around goma for now seven months at least. Children under the age of ten have always been victims in this activity.

According to the NGO parlement d’enfants :”more than seventy five children have been kidnaped in  Goma”.and even gives more information on kidnaping in goma.

The kidnapers always walks around schools, houses to oversee different movements of parents, teachers or any other person who could suspect them. Once they see that the parents move away from home, they directly get into contact with the children. They often hold candies, cookies, chocolates or money to attract their attention. Or they can ask the child to see them of to buy a donuts, a lollypop etc. Then they take the child some miles away from home.

Afterwards, the kidnapers do their best to find the phone number of the child’s parents, they dial the number to inform that it’s them who possess the child and that they need a given amount of money to give the child back. If the money they are asking is not given, then the child will not be given back up until the amount will be transferred to their account. They often ask for 500, 1000, 2000 and beyond according to the family background.

This year at Himbi quarter, we have experienced a case of a child whose parents delayed to transfer money and consequently they killed the child. The same year, one of HOLD DRC beneficiaries has been an indirect victim of kidnaping and she was charged 500 UD to get her child back. As could not find this money, all the members her family contributed, got that money and sent it to the kidnapers then the latter indicated the place the child could be found and fortunately he was found safely. Here after the mother of the child states:

“Every day I come to the Centre and leave my child home because it’s very hard for me to walk from home to the center and that for six months. One day I arrived home, realized that my child was absent and I asked my neighbors where my child was, they said: “we saw a man going with him we thought it was one of yours relatives. After one day I received a phone call saying that they have my child and I have to send them money. Since that time I realized that coming to the Centre with my child would be of much importance for protection.

If we try to figure out this dangerous issue, we realize that the rate of joblessness is very high in the DRC that’s why young people become both weaponry robbers and kidnappers.

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